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Manufacturers & Products

Industrial Control Design & Maintenance specializes in the design and implementation of the highest quality industrial controls in the industry. To do so we offer top of the line products from leading manufacturers in all of our product divisions. Industrial Control Design & Maintenance can also manufacture controls tailored to your specific project requirements. Let us know how we can be of service to you.


  • DC to 1000 HP+
  • AC to 1000 HP+
  • Carbon Brushes
  • Brush Holders
  • Servos from 1/3 HP to 125+ HP
Lincoln Marathon Helwig Lenze Leeson Baldor


  • DC to 2000 HP+
  • AC to 2000 HP+
  • Servos to 145+ Amps
Actech Bardac Lenze Saftronics Baldor


  • To 800+ Amps
  • Forward & Reversing
Eaton Controltechniques Moeller Baldor

Servo Control

  • Single Axis
  • Multiple Axes
Lenze Baldor

Gearmotors Gearboxes



  • Command and Signaling
    • Operators—16mm, 22mm
    • Indicators —16mm, 22mm
    • Stack Lights
  • Rotary Switches
    • Disconnects
    • CAM Switches
  • Relays
    • Timing
    • Safety
    • Measuring and Monitoring
  • Circuit Breakers
    • Molded Case
    • UL 489
    • Minature
    • UL 1077
Eaton Moeller
  • Motor Control
    • Contactors & Overloads
    • 0.1A to 1000A
    • Manual Motor Starters


  • Networks
    • DeviceNet
    • CANopenProfibusDP
    • Ethernet
    • Modbus
    • and more!
  • PLCs
    • 5 ms to 0.02 ms/K
    • 14 IO to 4096+ Points
    • Compact and Modular
  • HMIs, HMI-PLCs, IPCs
    • 4-inch to 15-inch
    • Resistive Touch
    • Infrared Touch
    • Text Based
  • Distributed IO Block and Slice
    • DeviceNet
    • CANopen
    • ProfibusDP
    • Ethernet
  • Programmable Relays
    • Stand alone and Expandable
    • 12 IO Points to 300+ Points
    • Discrete and Analog IO
Microinnovation Eaton Lenze Moeller

We stock motors, AC and DC drives, starters and contactors, overloads, and pilot devices. We also repair motors, AC and DC drives, gearboxes, pumps (industrial, municipal) and varidrives. For a complete list of services we offer, please refer to the services page.

Industrial Control Design & Maintenance also custom engineers and manufactures machinery used in many industrial fields. With experience spanning over 12 years, Industrial Control Design & Maintenance has built custom equipment for the rubber, plastics and steel industries.

No project is too large or small for Industrial Control Design & Maintenance. For examples of our work, please refer to the Creations Page of this site. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us.